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The largest convention of ATM hobbyists in the world is held by Stellafane annually and recently its website has been updated and improved.If you are building a telescope, you should spend a good deal of time surfing through the many pages and links of this website.



Stellafaneís Telescope design comparison calculator



Stellafaneís Sagitta calculator



Cloudy Nights forums

This is a large online community of ATMís.If you have a question or a concern, chances are you are not the first to have them and you are sure to find an active thread with the answers youíre looking for.Ask questions, join discussions, and jump into the ATM community.



Understanding Foucault

This is a synopsis of the book written by David Harbour.Read it.You can purchase the complete edition of Davidís book from Amazon.com.



Foucault Tester Plans

Here youíll find plans and instructions for the construction of a simple and effective K-E tester.



Couder Mask Generator

This program is very useful when testing your mirrorís figure.Use it to print a customized mask for your mirror to obtain the data from the travel gauge of your K-E tester.



Data Reduction Analyzer

This program will quickly reduce your K-E data without the need to do any math.Even if you wish to go the long route and calculate the zones manually, you should still use this program to check your work.Self-extracting .zip file



Perfect Pitch Lap Molds

This is the only product that Castle-Emerald endorses beyond our own offerings and we wouldnít dream of making pitch laps without it.This product may seem pricey, but itís worth the purchase price when you consider that it saves hours of work each time you rebuild a lap.






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